2018 Scholarship Testimonials

I am so blessed and thankful to have received this scholarship. -Anna R. Class of 2020

This Scholarship helps me by funding my tuition, books and other essential resources for a proper higher education. The proceeds of SGC benefit many nonprofits in the area as well, so volunteering would also benefit them. Hence, I decided to volunteer and give back to my community. – Ateebullah M. Class of 2021

I chose to work the event because cyclists happily exercising for a good cause is an event I want to support and engage in. Fortunately, my hard work was recognized and compensated. It is a privilege to receive this scholarship. With this money, my pursuit of academic endeavors can expand and explore. I will continue with my studies in the field of Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. -Gabriella C. Class of 2020

This scholarship has added to my motivation in continuing forth with my goals in the sense of making me feel as though I am doing something right with my college endeavors. It has been a long time since I’ve received an academic accolade and I am truly grateful of the SU Foundation for this opportunity. -Summer B. Class of 2020

I chose to volunteer at Sea Gull Century with Exercise Science Club and helped at the finish line to hand out pie and ice cream to all the participants. This experience was very valuable because I was able to speak to many of the bikers and hear about how much they loved the experience and how many of them plan to return in the future. They also expressed how grateful they were to be able to finish this long bike ride and have a nice treat waiting for them at the end. -Sydney R. Class of 2021

I am honored to have received this scholarship, it will help me obtain my bachelor’s degree and continue my education towards graduate school pursuing physical therapy. -Sarah M. Class of 2019

This event brings the community together and gets students involved in supporting the riders. The participators dedication and perseverance is incredible to witness. This scholarship will be extremely helpful toward my tuition. -Danielle R. Class of 2020