SGC Scholarship

Congratulations to our past Scholarship Recipients!

  • Julie Blumstein
  • Sarah Sanders
  • Eric Halton
  • Mehmet Okan Eyigor
  • Claudia Guay
  • Alison Mitchell
  • Catherine Raley
  • Emily Shaughnessy
  • Janae Fontaine

Volunteer Impact

  • “Sea Gull Century is my favorite volunteer event at Salisbury and I plan to continue to help with it in the future.”
  • “I felt very blessed for the opportunity to be a part of an amazing experience and event staff. Providiing first-aid service to the riders and communicating with other personnel gave me experience and new knowledge I can take with me and use for the rest of my career.”
  • “I learned the importance of communication, organization, planning, and leadership qualities that I will bring with me back to my organization.”
  • “This has been one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I have participated in. I am thankful for the opportunity and look forward to next year’s event.”